Redmoon Free server


FreedomVillage - 400
Signus AX - 450
Signus BX - 500
Signus CX - 550
Signus DX - 600
Uni - 650
Anatu - 700
Bau - 750
Cyrn - 800
Dyaus - 850
Uni Sky Dungeon - 900
School Dungeon 2 - 900
Signus Valley - 950
School Dungeon 3 - 950

level 1000 maps
Nightmare (TV Studio 1)
Stronghold  (TV Studio 2)
Super Wyvern (TV Studio 3)
FV Dungeon

You can reach a max bonus points of 10,000


Sunset Stage Upgrade
Please write below which stat you want upgraded and also mail the item to GMFantasy
Beginner Gear: Fresh Breeze Speed Boots, Fallen Star, Jupiter Set + 5 Protections Moderate Gear: Brass Coin, Legendary Necklace, Potion of choice + 5 Protections Advanced Gear: Fantasy Necklace, Fantasy Diamond, 1 Heart of Redmoon + 5 Prots
Lottery Tickets - Now have a chance of getting S0-S1-S2-S3-S4


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